New York Secretary of State Comes out with Strong Letter Encouraging hlRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Film Campaign—Knows from Previous Experience that Moving Pictures Have Great Educational Value—Praises Fire Departments

Francis M. Hugo, New York Secretary of State

SECRETARY of State Francis M. Hugo who, unless all signs fail, will be the Republican nominee for Governor of New York at the next election, is another of the outstanding men of the country who gives hearty endorsement and support to our national campaign for fire prevention as planned by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING in conjunction with the Universal Film Manufacturing Company.

Mr. Hugo as Secretary of State has been brought into close touch with all important phases of the Empire State’s economic life, and he considers that an immediate reduction in the fire loss is necessary to growth and expansion as well as a continuation of existing general prosperity.

Calls Fire Department Near Perfect in Letter to Fire and Water Engineering

Secretary Hugo says:

“The statistics of fire loss in New York State show that either all existing methods of fire protection and fire fighting are at fault, or that the people as a whole are almost unbelievably careless. We all know that our fire fighting departments are as near to being perfect as human ingenuity can make them mechanically, and that the departments in cities and towns alike are made up of brave and capable men—the pick of all communities. Therefore, it comes down to a matter of public carelessness, and the only cure for this condition lies in education.”

“You are at liberty to make public this letter, if you so wish, in order that others may benefit from the illuminating experiences I have had as Secretary of State of New York.”

Emphasizes Educational Value of Films

The value of the films for educational purposes is well brought out by Secretary Hugo in a practical way, when he goes on to relate the experiences his department has had with another educational campaign—one designed to eliminate not fire loss, but street accidents. He goes on to say:

“When I took office one overwhelming fact stared me in the face. I found that automobile and other street and highway accidents were taking an appalling toll of human lives. As the State official is responsible for the licensing of automobile drivers I felt I must do something quickly. The newspapers did everything in their power to carry the lessons of safety first, yet the accidents increased. Going on with the newspaper campaign, I turned to motion picture films and with the co-operation of the Universal’s Industrial and Educational Department I was able to get prints of “Careless America,” made for the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, and other films through the Universal and the Bureau of Commercial Economics at Washington, work ing together. The pictures have been shown all over the State, in theatres, at special showings and from traveling theatre trucks supplied by the Universal and the Bureau of Commercial Economics.

Wonderful Results

“The results have been wonderful. Scores of lives have been saved and property preserved. The police chiefs of all cities have worked hand in glove with us in this great educational campaign, as have the automobile clubs and the manufacturers. I have no doubt but that the fire chiefs will give the same measure of co-operation to a motion picture and magazine campaign for fire prevention.

“If I can be of service in your commendable effort to get the campaign going, please call upon me at any time.”

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