Mutual Cooperation of Value

Mutual Cooperation of Value

Fire Department officers in Windham and Tolland Counties in Connecticut have enjoyed the benefits of mutual cooperation brought about through the Windham and Tolland County Firemen’s Association, that was formed in the spring of 1957.

A meeting was called by Chief Richard E. Wright, North Windham, and when the association was finally started, eighteen departments in the counties joined the new group. At present twenty-eight of the twenty-nine departments in the county have enrolled. The association has a membership of over 1,400 men, with no dues or assessments. The money to carry on is obtained by charging ten cents extra for suppers that follow each meeting.

Should some department desire help in fighting a fire, the Chief of that department or his officers can call for assistance. To promote efficiency an annual field day is held. The first was held in May of last year and over 1,000 firemen were present. Another field day will be held this spring.

Part of the Membership of Englewood, Col. Englewood, a suburb of Denver, Col., has a very active department of volunteers. Six men live most of the time at the fire station. Membership is divided into two groups. Business men and their employees are on the day list. Those who work in Denver, but reside in Englewood are on the night list. Every member is subject to call on holidays. The men meet twice a month to discuss matters of importance and to profit by mistakes made at previous fires. Drills are held almost every Sunday. Sixteen members have formed a Fire Department band, so that truly these men double in brass.

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