Mutual Fire Aid Association Formed

Mutual Fire Aid Association Formed

Following several fires in which Charlotte has been called upon for assistance by nearby towns. Chief Hendrix Painter announces perfection of a plan whereby co-operative fire-fighting will be adopted by five cities within a radius of fifty miles. Other cities will be invited to join. The cities in the co-operative agreement are Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, Statesville, Mooresville and Monroe, all in North Carolina. Rock Hill, S. C., forty miles south of Charlotte will be invited to join, and Salisbury, N. C., is preparing to enter.

Under the plan, any one of these cities in case of emergency, can call in a metropolitan fire-fighting force and equipment that no one of them, with the exception of Charlotte, could afford to maintain.

Extra equipment is being purchased in order to standardize the outfits. When the co-operative equipment is assembled, the hose will fit any hydrants.

With paved roads everywhere in this section, all five cities can reach a fire and start operations within three-quarters of an hour after receiving the call.

Charlotte recently has been called upon by nearby towns to aid in fighting disastrous fires. The last of these was the Central Hotel at Shelby, twenty-eight miles away, in which three lives were lost. In the Shelby fire several cities helped fight the blaze.

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