N. B. F. U. Elects Officers

N. B. F. U. Elects Officers

Robert P. Barbour, United States Manager of the Northern Assurance Company was elected President of the National Board of Fire Underwriters at its seventy-fifth anniversary meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. New York, on May 28. He succeeds Colonel F. D. Layton, President of the National Fire Insurance Company of Hartford, who had served as President of the Board for two terms. Mr. Barbour is the thirty-fifth President of the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

John M. Thomas, President of the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh was advanced from Chairman of the Executive Committee to succeed Mr. Barbour as Vice President of the Board. Sumner Ballard, President of the International Insurance Company was re-elected Secretary and B. M. Culver. President of the Continental Insurance Company was reelected Treasurer. General Manager W. E. Mallalieu and Assistant General Managers Charles H. Lum and F. S. Dauwalter were re-elected.

Five members elected to the Executive Committee to serve three terms are: John R. Cooney, President of the Firemen’s Insurance Company of Newark; W. B. Cruttenden, President of the Springfield Fire & Marine Insurance Company: Harold Warner, United States Manager of the Royal-Liverpool Groups; J. Lester Parsons, President of the United States Fire Insurance Company, and Hart Darlington, Mgr., Norwich Union Fire Ins. Soc.

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