N.B.F.U. Fire Resistance Ratings

N.B.F.U. Fire Resistance Ratings

The National Board of Fire Underwriters, of New York, has just published a 48-page pamphlet of fire resistance ratings which is a revision of Appendix A of its National Building Code.

The pamphlet is of particular interest to architects and building engineers, as well as public officials interested in fire safety in buildings. In addition, the National Board says, it is of value for use in connection with other building codes in force in any community and is by far the most complete tabulation of its kind ever published.

The pamphlet contains a number of tables on fire resistance ratings of beam, girder and truss protections; ceiling constructions; column protections; floor and ceiling constructions; roof constructions, and walls and partitions.

The easy-reference tables are set up in terms of minimum requirements for specified fire resistance and in such form as to fit the requirements for hours fire resistance given in building codes.

Single copies of the pamphlet are available free of charge on request to the National Board of Fire Underwriters, 85 John Street, New York 38, N. Y. For those living in the Middle West, copies are available at 222 West Adams Street, Chicago 6, Ill. West of the Rockies, requests should be made to 465 California Street, San Francisco 4, Calif.

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