N.B.F.U. Starts Training Program

N.B.F.U. Starts Training Program

Edgar P. Slack, professor and chairman of undergraduate physics at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. V., has been retained by the National Board of Fire Underwriters as director of its new program of fire engineering training for recent college graduates.

The program consists of a course of instruction and on-job training in fire protection engineering, in particular the engineering surveys of the fire fighting facilities of major cities in the U. S.

In administering the program, Professor Slack also will serve as liaison with deans of engineering schools throughout the nation, bringing to their attention the activities of the National Board in the field of fire protection engineering, and the need for the service of engineering graduates in this expanding area.

A native of Abington, Mass., Prof. Slack received his BS degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in electrical engineering and his master’s degree in physics from New York University. He has taught at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute since 1926.

For 15 years prior to joining the faculty of Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, from which he is presently on leave. Professor Slack worked as an electrical engineer, and later as chief inspector, for Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., in New York.

The new training program will attract recent college graduates because the work is particularly rewarding and interesting. Engineering students who are interested in this field of activity are invited to write for further information to the National Board’s chief engineer, John A. Neale, at 85 John Street, New York 38, N. Y.

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