N.B.F.U. Urges Purchase of Fire Apparatus Now

N.B.F. U. Urges Purchase of Fire Apparatus Now

The following statement, in the form of a Special Bulletin was issued on April 5 by the National Board of Fire Underwriters:

The war is not over. This should be a daily admonition to every American, but particularly to those citizens whose duty it is, as public administrators, to provide for the fire service of our cities and towns.

With the imminent danger of fires from bombing there was the usual panicky urge in all parts of the country for more fire apparatus. This of necessity was restricted and until the needs of the armed forces could be met few communities could obtain fire apparatus.

The imminent danger is past, but the need for new apparatus in the fire department of cities and towns is just as great now as during that period. It is the fire apparatus of the regularly organized fire departments which must be depended upon to prevent destruction to the industries still vital to the winning of the war. It is this apparatus which must be used to save the lives of people crowded into hotels, apartments, tenements and houses, and those in industries working under less than the normal safe conditions.

Even before the present emergency it was well recognized that much of the fire apparatus—the pumpers and ladder trucks—was becoming obsolete. It was built before experience could eliminate undesirable features of design or material. It was becoming more difficult and more expensive to maintain it. And, of even greater importance, few cities had the desirable amount of reserve apparatus.

Restrictions on the manufacture and sale of modern fire apparatus have been materially reduced. Today is the time to take action to properly protect lives and property. This year’s budget should include a liberal allowance for pumpers and aerial ladder trucks, for hose, for gas masks, salvage covers, modern spray nozzles, and the many other pieces of equipment which a modern department needs. Thought should be given also to adding to and modernizing the fire alarm system.

Some of these may still be restricted, and probably none of them can be obtained on an “over the counter” delivery basis. This makes it all the more important that orders be placed now, for delivery at an early date.

As stated at the beginning of this bulletin, The war is not over. Provide now for your needs. Do not delay and do not consider this only in connection with post-war plans.

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