N. E. Exhibit Space Contracts Ready

N. E. Exhibit Space Contracts Ready

The Exhibit Committee of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs has sent out a letter to exhibitors and prospective exhibitors at the coming Ninth Annual Convention of the association to be held in Boston on June 23-26.

Plan of Booths in N. E. A. F. C. Exhibit Hall

The exhibits will be in the Grand Hall of Mechanics’ Building on Huntington Avenue and the meetings of the convention will take place in Paul Revere Hall located in the same building.

The Committee is composed of Chief Daniel B. Tierney, of Arlington, Mass., Chairman; Supt. Edward E. Williamson, of the Maintenance Division, Boston Fire Department; Russel S. Codman, Jr., Chairman of Directors, Boston Fire Department Band, Inc.; and John Campbell, of the Edison Electric Illuminating Company, of Boston.

The exhibition of apparatus and fire department equipment will open on Tuesday, June 23, and will continue until noon of Friday, June 26. During this period the hall will be open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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