N. E. W. W. A. Outing June 25 at Providence

N. E. W. W. A. Outing June 25 at Providence

A joint outing of the New England Water Works Association and the Boston Society of Civil Engineers is to be held on Thursday, June 25. This year the meet will be at Providence, R. I., and the party will be taken over the Providence $20,000,000 water works improvements now under way. including the Scituate Dam and the new filtration plant. There will be a buffet lunch furnished under the trees near the dam. Transportation will be provided from the meeting place back of the Providence railroad station, in front of the State House grounds. The time of meeting is set at 9:45 a. m., daylight saving. The joint outing committee is composed of A. B. Coulters, Chairman; M. H. Brondson, E. E. Waterman, G. A. Carpenter and E. E. Windsor.

Chief Seldon R. Allen, of Brookline, Mass., and His New Buick Car

Chief Seldon R. Allen, of the Brcokline, Mass., fire department, recently placed in service a fine new Buick car. The picture shows the chief and his aid standing beside the machine just after a late spring snow-fall had whitened the streets. Under the progressive administration of Chief Allen, aided by the counsel and suggestions of Commissioner Willard W. Estabrook, the Brcokline fire department within the past year has been brought to a high state of efficiency. Chief Allen is state vice-president for Massachusetts of the New England Association of Eire Chiefs.

Supt. Valentino, Savannah, Goes With Union Water Meter —John G. Valentino, superintendent of the Savannah, Ga., water works, has severed his connection with that department to become associated with the Union Water Meter Company, of Worcester, Mass., as their southern representative, with headquarters in Savannah.

Doylestown, Pa., Water Superintendent Commits Suicide —Despondent because the water plant was unable to furnish enough water for heat sufferers. William Hudson, age 65, water superintendent of Doylestown, Pa., committed suicide on June 6. He received numerous telephone calls from householders, who complained that they could get no water from their taps, and he became despondent. The borough council was making an investigation of the acute water situation in the city, when Hudson shot himself.

Foamite-Childs to Give Demonstration—A test demonstration during the New England Chiefs’ Convention is to be given on Wednesday morning June 24, at about ten o’clock, at the plant of the General Electric Company, Pittsfield, Mass., of the Foamite-Childs Model “HS” and “HD” chemical tank equipments for fire trucks. At the same time a demonstration of Foamite 2 1/2-gal. Splashproof Hand Extinguisher and the Model “DM” (metered type) 40-gal. Foamite engine on wide tread carriage will be given. The test fires for these exhibitions will be set in free burning materials and in inflammable liquids. These exhibitions are given through special arrangement with Chief Shepard, of the Pittsfield fire department.


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