N. F. P. A. Reports Lower Losses

N. F. P. A. Reports Lower Losses

A reduction of $41,000,000 in the total fire losses for the United States in 1934, was reported at the annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association held at Atlanta, Ga., May 13-17. The 1934 total is $276,000,000. More than eight hundred persons attended.

Dr. David J. Price of the United States Department of Agriculture, said that the use of inert gases such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen offered possibilities as a fire prevention measure, but that considerable research was required along that line. He touched on the dust explosion hazards in the south. Reports were presented on fire hazards in the various industries.

All the officers of the association were re-elected. The officers are Harold L. Miner, Wilmington, President; George W. Elliott, Philadelphia, First Vice-President; C. H. Haupt, Elizabeth. N. J., Second Vice-President; Franklin H. Went worth, Boston, Secretary-Treasurer and Managing Director: Albert T. Bell, Atlantic City, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Pleasantville, N. Y., has purchased a Maxim combination booster and emergency rescue car from the Woodhouse Manufacturing Company, New York City. Besides a booster pump, it will be equipped with emergency and first aid appliances.

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