N. Y. Converting Fireboats to Oil Burners

N. Y. Converting Fireboats to Oil Burners

New York City is now engaged in converting two of its best fireboats from coal burners to oil burners. The contract has been awarded to the Tod Ship Building Corporation for $49,000.

New York has one oil burning fireboat now among its fleet of ten fire floats. That oil burner, the “John Purroy Mitchel,” built in 1921, is the latest addition to the fleet.

The two boats now being converted, one at a time, are the “James Duane” and the “Thomas Willett” her sister ship, both built in 1907 at a cost of $125,000 each.

Both vessels arc 131 feet long, 27 foot beam, 10 feet and six inches draught. 326 tons gross, 222 tons net, each of 900 horsepower and each of 9,000 gallons capacity.

It is believed that oil burners arc more economical than coil, especially when idle at the dock, between runs.

Boy’s Shot Causes Large Fire Loss —A spark from a blank cartridge pictol fired by a hot into an empty gasoline storage tank resulted in a $60,000 loss in a wholesale grocery warehouse. The hoy was badly burned. The hov fired the cartridge into the barrel to see how it would sound.

Attractive Territory Open for

Apparatus Salesman

If you are looking for a profitable connection with a well-known and progressive fire apparatus manufacturer, send complete information regarding your qualifications to Box 123, c/o FIRE ENGINEERING, 225 West 34th St., N. Y. C.

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Fire Apparatus


Bids opened Sept. 3, 1926

The Public Safety Committee of the Town of Morristown. New Jersey, will, at the Municipal Building in said town, on September 3. 1926. at 3 o’clock

P. M. (Daylight Saving time) receive sealed bids for the purchase of one 750 gallon Robinson Motor Fire Pumping Engine.

The engine may be seen at the engine house of the Humane Engine Company on Speedwell avenue, corner of Water street.

Bids must be accompanied with a certificate check for 10% of the amount of bid as a guarantee of the good faith of the bidder.

The right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularity in any bid. if the same does not affect the rights of the town, is reserved.


Town of Morristown, N. C. TOMS.

Town Clerk.


Fire Apparatus

American-LaFrance Triple Combination, Type 75. Address Box 122, % EIRE ENGINEERING. 225 West 34th St., New York City.

7-25, 10, 25.

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