N. Y. Finds Many Hazards

N. Y. Finds Many Hazards

Firemen of the New York Fire Department made 121,457 inspections of old-law tenements from the middle of November, 1935, to October 1. 1936. Commissioner John J. McElligott announced that 16,701 tenements were found to have fire violations.

Many of the older tenement houses in New York City are of typical oldlaw tenement construction.

The inspectors found that 528 tenants were storing oil illegally.

Where rubbish accumulations were found, the inspectors notified the occupants and the Superintendent. If the rubbish was not removed at the time of the reinspection, a summons was issued to the owner of the building. Where oil was illegally stored, and it was not removed immediately, summonses were served. When extra hazardous conditions were found, the respective Deputy Chiefs were notified and they in turn communicated with the Police and Tenement House Departments.

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