N. Y. State Fire Chiefs Issue Program

N. Y. State Fire Chiefs Issue Program

The New York Stale Association of Fire Chiefs is to hold its twentieth annual convention at the Hotel Van Curler, Schenectady, N. Y., on June 16 to 18. This will also be the twentysecond anniversary of the association.

The program of the convention’s sessions, issued by the secretary, Chief James H. Golden, Cohoes, N. Y., is as follows:


First Session, 10:00 A. M.—Hotel Van Curler

Opening of Convention, Chief E. J. Coyle, President, Lockport. Welcome to State Fire Chiefs, Mayor A. T. Blessing, Schenectady, Introduced by Chief August Derra, Chief Schenectady Fire Department.

Response in Behalf of Members of the Association, Chief E, J. Coyle, Lockport.

Selection of Representatives to Report at Last Joint Session. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting, Chief J. H. Golden, Secv-Treas., Cohoes.

Street Regulations Which Affect Fire Department Operations, W. Graham Cole, Safety Engineer, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Putting Over Fire Prevention, Chief J. X. Sullivan, Utica.

Second Session, 2:00 P. M.—Hotel Van Curler

Association Interest, Chief John Kenlon, New York City.

Salvage Work in the Fire Department, Chief John Gibson, Mount Vernon.

Industrial Fire Protection, Thos. J. O’Connor, Chief General Electric Fire Department, Schenectady.


Third Session, 10:00 A. M.—Hotel Van Curler

Cooperation with the International Association of Fire Engineers, I. Herbert Case, Vice-President and General Manager of FIRE ENGINEERING, and Chairman Publicity and Membership Committee, International Assn, of Fire Engineers.

The Fire Brigade, I. A. F. E. Motion Picture, Chief James J. Mulcaby, Yonkers.

Fire Department Publicity, Wm. R. Capes, Secretary Xew York State Conference of Mayors and Other Municipal Officials. Round Table Discussion—General Fire Topics.

Thursday, 2:00 P. M.

Exhibition by the Amdyco Company; Location to tie Announced. Guest of Chief Derra and Schenectady Fire Department.


10:00 A. M.—Hotel Van Curler

Report of Secretary-Treasurer; Report of Standing Committee; Election of Officers; Adjournment.

Newcastle, Ind., Standardizes Couplings—The couplings of the fire hose and hydrants in Newcastle, Ind., have been standardized to conform to the National standard thread.

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