N. Y. Water Main Break Delays Traffic

N. Y. Water Main Break Delays Traffic

A twenty-inch main which burst in the district near Broadway and 42nd St., New York city, caused a traffic delay of more than an hour and flooded both the I. R. T. and the B. R. T. subway systems as well as several nearby buildings.

Workingmen from the water department immediately shut off the gate valves so that the flow of water to that district was stopped. However, before this was done, a large amount of water had entered the subways. Although considerable water flowed down to the tracks, the automatic ejectors placed at this point operated when the water reached a certain level, forcing it into an overhead sewer. The same condition prevailed in the B. M. T. subway, so that traffic on neither line was interrupted.

As soon as the water ceased to flow, workmen began digging up the street. For a considerable distance around the point of the breakage the street had been undermined. Although traffic in Broadway and Seventh Avenue was resumed after an hour, no vehicles were allowed to cross either street at Forty-sixth Street.

De Pere, Wis., to Purchase Apparatus—A fund of $3,000 is provided in De Pere, Wis., for the purchase of a ladder truck.

Harrington, Del., to Improve Equipment—The fire department of Harrington, Del., will purchase new fire apparatus and will improve their present equipment.

Level Raised in Clinton, Mass., Reservoir—The recent rains have raised the level at the Wachusett Reservoir at Clinton. Mass., which supplies water to Greater Boston. The new water level has allayed the fears of the city officials of the fire hazard due to the water shortage.

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