Painesville, O.—From the list of applicants recommended by the civil service commission, City Manager Wyman has named Lee J. Eliott, 213 Bank St., and for the past year with the Gail G. Grant Co., as fire chief of Painesville. The appointment is made under the ordinance passed by city council two months ago, providing for a paid department for the city. Chief Elliott will give all of his time to the fire department of the city. He is thoroughly familiar with the work, having been connected with the department for a number of years and for some time serving as chief. He passed the highest grade in thg civil service examinations.

As Fire Marshal or assistant chief, Fred J. Taylor gets the appoinment. He, too, will give all his time to the work of the fire department.

E. H. Moseley, Walnut St., was named as assistant marshal. The latter appointment carries with it the duties of a chief mechanician and the job of driving the big fire truck. He has had this work since the purchase and installation of the motor driven truck some time ago.

The ordinance provides for four additional firemen and the appointments are as follows: C. J. Hopkins, L. H. Ingersol, J. L. Greer and C. A. Pike.

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