Nashua, N. H., Entertains Firemen

Nashua, N. H., Entertains Firemen

The forty-sixth annual concert and ball of the Nashua Firemen’s Relief Association was held in the City Auditorium, Nashua, N. H., on the evening of December 14, preceded by a banquet at the Harrisonia Manor.

Mayor Alvin A. Lucier and Chief Albert C. Melendy, of Nashua, welcomed the visiting fire officials including Chief and Mrs. Charles L. McCarthy, of Worcester; Chief and Mrs. William H. Hill, of Belmont; Chief and Mrs. Mellen R. Joy, of Saugus; Chief and Mrs. James C. Sullivan, of Lowell; Chief and Mrs. P. R. Lewis, of Ashland; Chief W. F. Woods, of Portsmouth; Ex-Chief and Mrs. William H. Hawkins, of Haverhill; Chief and Mrs. W. T. Happny, of Concord, N. H.; Chief F. M. Sargent, of Sunapce, N. H., and Fire Commissioners C. H. Austin and H. C. Lintott, of Nashua.

More than a thousand persons were present at the auditorium. Chief and Mrs. Melendy led the grand march and Captain Charles H. Tafe acted as floor director.

Matthew Porosky, Vice-President of the Gamewell Company, Newton, Mass., has been elected to the Board of Governors of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, at the annual convention held in Chicago.

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