Nashville Firemen Forbidden to Fight Over-the-Line Fires

Nashville Firemen Forbidden to Fight Over-the-Line Fires

Nashville city fathers are adhering strictly to their recent ruling of a “$300 guarantee or no help outside the corporation line,” it is revealed. When the Feldkircher Fabricating Company plant burned on Richland Ave., near Gallatin Road, May 18th, the city sent no apparatus.

The Madison-Inglewood and the Bordeau Fire Departments both sent trucks equipped with tanks and fog nozzles, but the fire had too much headway for the private companies to handle and destruction was complete.

This blaze followed another, a few months previous, in the Dixie Elevator and Grain Company, located just a block across the corporation line. The Nashville fire alarm dispatcher, receiving an alarm for that blaze, sent out two engine companies, but the crews were not allowed to go to work until the owner of the mill could be located. When contact was made, he refused to put up the $300 “because the mill was insured and he thought the underwriters should foot the bill.” Whereupon the municipal apparatus returned to quarters.

Madison-Inglewood and Bordeau then came over and used up their booster tanks. All this time the sprinklers in the mill were doing excellent work in holding the fire in check.

When the underwriters learned what was happening they guaranteed the fee, and Nashville’s Engines 1 and 11 were again ordered over to the mill. The two crews knocked down that portion of the fire out of the reach of the sprinklers.

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