National Association of Fire Engineers.

National Association of Fire Engineers.

As before announced in these columns, the annual convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers will take place in Milwaukee, Wis., on September 19-22, inclusive. At a meeting of the board of directors in Milwaukee two weeks ago the following subjects for papers to be discussed were selected and chiefs designated to prepare them:

“Fire Colleges”—C hief b roker, of New York.

“hire Protection by Education Father Than by Legislation”—H. C. Henley, of St. Louis, Mo., and A. V. Bennett, of Birmingham, Ala.

“Electrical Propelled hire Apparatus” W. H. Daggett, of Springfield, Mass.

“Motor and Gasoline hire Ypparatus” Arthur Aungst, of Alliance, O., and Thomas Ballentync, of Savannah, Ga.

“Caliber of hire Streams and Their Relative Value”—Charles H. Fox, of Cincinnati, O.

“Compulsory Sprinkling of Basements”—YV. H. Loller, of Youngstown. O.

“Duties of State Vice-Presidents at International Conventions”—John I. Hawk, of Moline. Ill.

“Rubber Tires—Solid vs. Pneumatic”—Charles Swingley, of St. Louis. Mo.

“Best Method of Selecting Fire Hose” Harry Creamer, of Chicago. Ill.

“Equipment and Efficiency of Volunteer fire Service”—J H. Runyon, of Morristown. N. J.

“Standard for Drills and Discipline”—Terrence Owens, of Denver, Col.

National Association of Fire Engineers,


National Association of Fire Engineers,


FIRE AND WATER has made arrangements for reaching

the convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers at Montreal as follows: Leave New York by Albany day boats foot of Desbrosses street, to Albany; thence from Troy by Vermont Central Railway to Montreal. Return by way of New London, Conn., where Block Island and other interesting points can be visited: and back to New York by Norwich line steamer upon Long Island Sound. Ily these routes, all lone and tiresome railroad trips are avoided, and (lie delii;litliil sails up flic Hudson and hark by the Monnil substituted. Tile tiekets are (lr»t elass and include sleepers and state rooms, and rail lie used ill ant time. 1’riee from Nett York round trip. Those ttlsh I lit;

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