National Board Elects Officers

National Board Elects Officers

Peter J. Berry, President of the Security Insurance Company of New Haven, Connecticut, was elected Secrctary, and all other officers were reelected at the 76th annual meeting of the National Board of Fire Underwriters at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, on May 27. Mr. Berry succeeds the late Sumner Ballard, who served as Secretary of the Board for twenty-one years until his death last October.

Other officers of the National Board are: President, Robert P. Barbour, United States Manager, Northern Assurance Company, New York; Vice President, John M. Thomas, President, National Union Fire Insurance Company, Pittsburgh; Treasurer, B. M. Culver, President, Continental Insurance Company, New York; General Manager, W. E. Mallalieu; and Assistant General Managers, Charles H. Lum and G. S. Dauwalter.

The Home Insurance Company of New York, and its affiliated fire insurance companies, rejoined the National Board of Fire Underwriters at the meeting. Application foy membership in the National Board was made by Wilfred Kurth, Chairman of the Board of the Home Group. The election of the Home and its affiliates was unanimous. The Home was a member of the National Board until eight years ago.

In his application for membership, Mr. Kurth said he felt that the insurance business should present the same type of unity that the country, as a whole, is showing in the war effort.

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