National Board Men Go Fishing

National Board Men Go Fishing

The Twenty-Five Year Club of the National Board of Fire Underwriters had its annual deep sea fishing party recently off the New Jersey Coast. Seven active members and the President of the National Board, who is ex-officio an honorary member, attended.

From reports, which seem authentic, few fish were caught. A. C. Hutson. R. C. Dennett and others were reported leaning over the rail most of the time and appeared to be gazing wistfully into the water.

Despite the limited time he spent on fishing, R. C. Dennett won the prize for the largest number of fish and also for the largest individual fish. It is reported he caught two.

The medical director of the club issued a report showing an improvement in the morbidity rate among members. Last year seven attended and four were sick. This year eight attended and four were sick. In other words, there was a reduction in the morbidity ratio from 57.1 per cent to 50 per cent.

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