National Board Moves to New Home

National Board Moves to New Home

The offices of the National Board of Fire Underwriters were moved, on April 23, to its new home on John and Gold streets. New York City. The building is fourteen stories high and has a two-story pent house and a basement; a number of fire protection devices have been incorporated in the building design and all of the fire protection equipment installed bears the label of the Underwriters’ Laboratories. A separate organization known as the National Board of Fire Underwriters’ Building Corporation has been formed as a holding corporation.

New Home of National Board.

The outer walls of building have a granite base and limestone to the second story—above this red matt face brick is used. From the eleventh floor and upward, there are setbacks.

All of the recommendations of the National Board building code have been followed. Exterior wall columns are protected by brick with the additional protection throughout of tiled furring on the inside of all exterior walls. In order to safeguard the supporting wall columns against corrosion due to moisture, they are plastered over the paint with rich Portland cement mortar, a practice called “parging.”

A wet-pipe sprinkler system has been installed. Two systems of water supply for the sprinklers are provided—one from two cylindrical gravity tanks each of 9,000 gallons capacity installed on the second story of the pent house, and the other by Siamese connections outside of the building.

The windows arc polished, transparent wired-glass set in metal frames and sash. All trim is either of metal or of “fireproofed” wood.

Thc main stairway is completely enclosed and is located in the front of the building. In thc rear is an interior, smokeproof fire tower for emergency exits. Both stairways have approved self-closing fire doors.

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