National Convention Dates.

National Convention Dates.

—Ladies attending the convention will find arrangements already made for their entertainment. Mrs. T. L. Worthley will look after their comfort.

—Remember that Cooper’s Beach Garden is directly in front of the left wing of the Ocean Hotel, and the Mansion House is in front of the right wing.

—The chiefs from St. Louis, Cincinnati, etc., are expected to arrive at Long Branch on Monday night, a special car having been engaged to bring them through.

_There is quite a colony of prominent actors and actresses settled at Long Branch, where they spend their leisure time in quiet enjoyment, study and recuperation.

—The firemen wearing badges will be permitted to play games in the club houses. If they want to gamble, they must go in as private citizens, or like lambs to the shearing.

—Worthley, who runs the Opera House at Long Branch, has considerately refused to let it to any company during convention week. Most of the chiefs are from cities where they get all the amusements they want, and they can take a rest while at Long Branch.

—As we have before stated, the order of business for the convention will be a review of the many interesting topics heretofore presented to the association for discussion. This gives a wider range for debate than would be possible under a programme of selected topics. Any delegate may call up any topic he chooses, present his views, and so bring on discussion. This arrangement promises to give great variety to the proceedings.

—Chief Bazely of the Branch Department is a successful business man in that place, and the members of the department are all engaged in some line of industry. Nevertheless, they take a great interest in fire matters, and are proud of their record and of their apparatus.

—General Joseph S. Smith, manager of the Bangor Extension Ladder Company, is to attend the Long Branch convention, and will exhibit one of his company’s fifty-foot extension ladders. It is expected that the Atlantic Hook and Ladder Company of Long Branch will handle the ladder at the exhibition.

Brownie,” at Pleasure Bay, will do up the clam-bake in the genuine Rhode Island style. A clam-bake does not consist solely of clams by any means ; there are chickens, lobsters, green corn, potatoes and a variety of other vegetables and insects, that contribute to make this a dish fit for cither gods or firemen.

—The Iron Steamboat Company has control of the iron pier at Long Branch. Chief Worthlcy tried to arrange for an excursion to Coney Island, but the company wanted $250 for the boat for a trip that would take three or four hours, and he couldn’t see it. The price was more than exorbitant, it was extortionate.

—Chief Worthlcy desires, as a favor to him, that if any delegate to the convention has any fault to find with the accommodations or any part of the entertainment, he will let him know at once. Speak in time, so that the remedy can be applied. In other words, do your kicking ” on the ground, and not after you have gone home.

— It is only an hour’s ride from New York to Long Branch. One can go all the way by rail, or to Sandy Hook by boat and thence by rail. If you want to sec the finest harbor in the world, the Narrows, the Bartholdi pedestal and all the forts, go by boat. No chance for seasickness, as the boats do not go outside, on “ the broad bosom of the mighty deep.”

—For the special information of Secretary Hills, we desire to say that there are no places at Long Branch where tickets for the Louisiana lottery can be purchased. There are places in New York, we understand, but should the secretary be missed from his desk at any time, no suspicion should attach to him on that account. A man may visit New York without making speculative investments.

—A large number of manufacturers have given notice of their intention to be in attendance at the convention and to have goods for exhibition. Those manufacturers whose headquarters are in New York will show the convention but scant courtesy if they do not exhibit their goods. Some of them heretofore have complained of the expense of going to other cities to attend conventions and show their goods. This time the convention has been brought to their very doors, and exhibition space is free. Everyone can afford to exhibit this year, and if they do not it will be from lack of inclination ; for they not only have been invited to do so, but have repeatedly been urged to do so personally by Chief Worthley and others.

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