National Fire Academy New EMS Course Pilot–Student Recruitment

The United States Fire Administration (USFA), Department of Homeland Security, is conducting a pilot course at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) in Emmitsburg, Maryland for the newly developed 6-day course Hot Topics Research for Emergency Medical Services (P-139).

The National Fire Academy (NFA) will be delivering two pilot offerings. The first will be October 30 – November 4, 2011, with students to arrive Saturday October 29 and depart Saturday November 5. The second pilot offering will be January 29 – February 3, 2012 with students to arrive Saturday January 28 and depart Saturday February 4.

Course Description: This 6-day course provides the knowledge and skills to identify and research hot topics in Emergency Medical Services to ultimately identify, promote and embrace system or service improvements. This course is structured around how to make a persuasive justification through the effective collection and presentation of data with the use of a wide variety of research resources. Finally, students will construct a program proposal and/or progress report for presentation. This course includes research, writing, and presentation elements for successful completion.

Student Selection Criteria: Emergency Medical Services middle management personnel (including Shift Supervisor, Captain, Division/Battalion Chief, Crew Leader, Administrator, etc.) with at least 3 to 5 years experience.

Class Size: 24

Length: 6 days

Prerequisites: ICS 100 level and ICS 200 level training. Preferred courses are Q462 and Q463 available through NFA Online at Chief’s signature attests that the applicant has completed this required training.

How to Apply:

  • Students must complete a FEMA General Admissions Application (FEMA Form 119-25-1). An electronic application is available on our website at:
  • Completed applications must be received by August 19, 2011 and should be submitted to:

NETC Admissions Office
Building I, Room 216
16825 S. Seton Avenue
Emmitsburg, MD 21727

  • Completed applications may also be faxed to the NETC Admissions Office at (301) 447-1441.
  • Applicants should not make plans to attend this pilot course until notified in writing by the NETC Admissions Office.

Stipends for eligible students are available for attendance for this pilot course. Attendance at the pilot course does not prevent an eligible student from obtaining another stipend within the same fiscal year.

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