Volunteer and Paid Departments Invited to Compete in Contests to be Held in September—Hotels and Meals Provided by City

MORE than one hundred professional and volunteer Fire Departments are expected to compete in the first National Fire Fighters Tournament to be held Labor Day week-end in Soldier Field, Chicago, as a feature of the Chicago Charter Jubilee.

Volunteer departments will compete on Sunday, September 5, and professional departments on Labor Day, September 6. A total of $2,750 in cash prizes will be awarded. The Chicago Board of Underwriters will present $1,000 in cash to the winner of the all event class among the professional departments and $500 to the best allaround volunteer department.

Special Cash Awards

In addition, the Chicago Charter Jubilee will make special cash awards of $100 to the winners in each of the nine professional department events, and $50 in cash to the winning team in each of the five volunteer events. A Mayor Edward J. Kelly trophy will be also awarded for permanent possession to the winning teams in both the professional and volunteer all-around classes. Medals will be presented to the members of the two trophy teams.

Teams of entrants in the professional class will consist of eight men and in the volunteer class, six men, including officers. Entrants have the choice of bringing their own equipment or using that of the Chicago Fire Department. All equipment loaned by the Chicago department will be of the latest design and will be uniform in each instance. If entrants choose to bring their own equipment, it will be adequately housed and protected.

The Chicago Charter Jubilee will act as host to all entrants.

It will, at its own expense for the three-day period, September 4 to 6, provide first class hotel accommodations, meals and a full round of real Chicago entertainment. The only expense to entrants will be their transportation costs to and from Chicago.

Fire Commissioner Michael J. Corrigan. who, together with Mayor Kelly, originated the tournament idea, says:

“1 think that all contending teams should come to Chicago at least twentyfour hours before the actual contests In order to familiarize themselves with all conditions, including equipment to be used. The first event wilt start at 10 a. m. on each of the two days. While precedent indicates the best of weather for the Tournament, provision has been made to carry the program over one day in case of Inclement conditions.

“Through FIRE ENGINEERING, the Chicago F’ire Department extends an invitation to ail volunteer and professional Fire Departments to enter the tournament. All competitors must have their entries on file not later than Monday night, August 23.”

The Chicago Charter Jubilee reserves the right to accept entries as submitted. In each case the names and rank of each member of each team must accompany the entry. Alternates may be named but expenses will be paid for contestants only.

Events that the professional departments will compete in are: fire alarm “turnout,” charging fire lines, scaling walls, life net drill, raising ladders, sliding rope contest, bringing hose to roof, salvage drill and first aid test.

Volunteers will compete in: fire alarm “turnout,” charging fire lines, scaling walls, raising ladders and sliding rope contest.

As a special contest for those departments that choose to compete there will be staged a “water fight” with a prize of $100 in cash for the winners. The final two contestants will be determined by competition, the opposing teams to be matched by lot.

While special prizes will be awarded in each individual event, points to count for the major prize in both the professional and volunteer classes will be decided on a basis of five points for first place, three for second and two for third.

The Judges’ Committee

The Judges’ Committee will consist of L. A. Provine. Director, Fire .College, University of Illinois; Sherman V. Coultas, Fire Marshal, State of Illinois: Robert J. Bogan, Fire Chief. Baton Rouge, La.; John J. O’Brien, Fire Marshal, State of Indiana; Ray W. Alsip, Secretary, Illinois Fire Marshal’s Association.

Commissioner Corrigan is Honorary Chairman of the Tournament Committee while R. M. Cunningham is Chairman of the special committee set up by the Chicago Board of Underwriters.

Working under Commissioner Corrigan is a sub-committee appointed to select the official Chicago F’ire Department team. The sub-committee consists of Second Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Joseph Mackey, Director of Fire Instruction John J. Touhey, Department Inspector Edward F. Green and Division Fire Marshal George E. Graves, head of the Fire Prevention Bureau.

At the present time 480 Chicago firemen are in the midst of a competitive training course to determine the 180 that will be selected to put on a special military drill.

A four-story wall, constructed of wood, with openings at each story-level to represent windows will be erected in the middle of the field.

For details regarding the rules of the contest, address Harry M. O’Rourke, Chicago’s Charter Jubilee, 33 N. La Salle St., Chicago, Ill. A mimeographed set of rules has been prepared for the contestants.

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