Navy Develops New Coupling

Navy Develops New Coupling

The Navy has developed a light weight, non-corrosive fire hose coupling for use aboard ships, which has a number of unique features. It is manufactured from a copper-nickle alloy having excellent strength and non-corrosive properties, and the material may be heat treated to improve the physical characteristics if additional hardness or strength is desired.

The new coupling is said to possess these advantages over the present Navy coupling:

  1. Approximately 50% lighter weight, with considerably increased strength and toughness.
  2. Increased life and wearing qualities of coupling.
  3. Complete resistance against salt water corrosion.
  4. Interchangeable with present Navy standard coupling in all features including hose thread and use of same spanner wrenches.
  5. Increased resistance against impact or deformation by dropping on decks or pavement.
  6. Stowage problem is reduced due to smaller size and this enables easier packing on hose racks.
  7. Larger internal diameter allows a greater rate of flow with a reduced energy loss through the coupling.
  8. Knurled outside finish enables a quick, easy non-slip grip when wet.
Left: Navy Standard 2 1/2-Inch Coupling; Right, New Navy Experimental 2 1/2-Inch Coupling

Undercut groove lug prevents fouling on hatchways and obstructions.

The disadvantages of the new coupling compared with the Navy standard couplings are reported to be increased cost of manufacture and material.

The characteristics of the new coupling are given as follows:

It is understood that experimental couplings have been undergoing tests in the Yard Fire Division, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, since last September and the advantages of the new coupling have made it popular with Navy personnel. This development is said to be part of the fire fighting development program underway at the Shipyard. Details of this development were made available through the court,esy of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Fire Division, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Va.

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