NBS Grant to Help Develop Master Fire Plans

NBS Grant to Help Develop Master Fire Plans

The National Bureau of Standards has awarded $127,000 to two California fire departments to develop a method for preparing master plans for community fire protection.

The year-long project should result in a set of procedures that fire departments around the country can use in developing master plans suited to their communities. Every local fire jurisdiction was urged to prepare such plans by the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control in its 1973 report.

Receiving the NBS grant are the Los Angeles and Mountain View, Calif., Fire Departments. The project will be directed by Chief Engineer Raymond M. Hill of the Los Angeles Fire Department and Chief Engineer Byron Chaney of the Mountain View Fire Department.

Bernard Levin, chief of NBS’ Fire Services Program, will coordinate the project for the bureau. Other members of the project team include Assistant Chief Keith Wilson and Captain James Kolb of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Assistant Chief Robert Burns of the Mountain View Fire Department and Harvey Ryland and Robert Enns of the Mission Research Corporation of Santa Barbara, Calif. Mission Research Corporation’s civil analysis group is providing technical support for the project.

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