Plans Made for Holding Short Course for Fire Fighters at Ames, la., in Fall of Year Both Science and Practice Taught

THINK hard for just a few moments and get in your mind what two wonderful words “Science” with “Practice” mean when applied to fire departments. I will go further and state, not only to fire departments, but these two words apply to every vocation, and in all walks of life. Science with Practice, in my estimation, is supreme, in accomplishing results.

When one sets out to reach a goal without Science or Practice, he is lost. The day is gone when things are done in a makeshift or haphazard manner. A new day has dawned. When things are done scientifically, the operator is an expert, because he is educated. When he applies his scientific methods in attaining his object, he will reach his goal, because he knows and understands.

All the fire chiefs and the majority of firemen are looking forward with interest to the third short course for fire fighters, to be held at Ames, Iowa, sometime this fall. How greatly these two words, “Science” and “Practice” will hold supreme at this next meeting! The brains of the fire departments will be there. To some who may not understand why I say, “the brains of the fire departments will be there,” I mean the fire chiefs. They will be there to get new ideas, new methods, to study and to hear talks by efficiency experts at the College and get ideas from chiefs of neighboring towns and cities, who scientifically put out fires.

This course is not only for fire chiefs but for firemen. Firemen learn through education how to manipulate the apparatus, how to scientifically lay lines of hose, and with practice, they become efficient.

Addresses were made last year by men such as Harry J. Corcoran, chief engineer Iowa Insurance Service Bureau of Des Moines, Iowa. His subject was “Characteristics of Fire Streams.” Mr. Corcoran has had the experience. His methods are scientific. J. A. Tracy, State Fire Marshal of the State of Iowa, gave an address on the “Fire Hazards in Iowa.” Mr. Tracy is a man whose methods of fire prevention are based solely on science, and no guess work along these lines for him. Chief Ray Tiller of Waterloo gave a splendid talk on “Training for Firemen, and Efficiency.” J. E. Florin, superintendent of Fire Prevention Industrial Commission of Wisconsin, also gave a very instructive talk along fire prevention activities, so Iowa is very proud of its short course for fire fighters.

Asst. Chief Warren Taylor of the Des Moines Fire Department. is also a very much interested party in the Antes Short Course, and his talks are along scientific lines, and very interesting.

The exact dates that the Ames College will set for the short course for fire fighters will be announced later. The heads of the departments are looking forward to a larger attendance this year and hope, through their efforts to minimize fire loss in the future. This can be accomplished by applying “Science with Practice.”

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