Necessary to Test Ropes Often

Necessary to Test Ropes Often

An Eastern fire department has had two experiences recently that emphasizes the importance of testing all ropes used in fire department work.

At the drill school, the firemen were lowering a line after having replaced a broken length which completed the evolution. The rope broke and the hose and the playpipe came crashing down to the ground and luckily just missed some of the men who were standing there below.

A little later a fifty-five-foot extension ladder was being raised and the men were hoisting the fly. The rope broke and fortunately the catch took hold on the first rung down.

One of the officers in trying to account for the two freak accidents recalled that the chemical tank on the apparatus had leaked and some of the solution had spilled on the ropes. The ropes were partially eaten away.

The department will now test their ropes in advance to make sure that they are capable of bearing the load.

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