Neptune Meter Opens Office in St. Louis

Neptune Meter Opens Office in St. Louis

The Southern office of the Neptune Meter Company, of 50 East Forty-second Street, New York, which has been established for many years on East Fourth Street. Cincinnati, has been removed to 1912 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo., giving considerable additional territory to W. E. Cox, who has been Manager of the Cincinnati office for many years and built up a fine business there. In addition to the territory controlled from the Cincinnati office, the new St. 1-ouis office will also have the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas, as well as the state of Missouri south of the Missouri River.

W. E. Cox

In addition to this it will also take over the territory formerly controlled by the Cincinnati office, namely, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.

Mr. Cox will be assisted by E. L. Cantrell, who will travel Kentucky and Tennessee, I. T. Collar, Jr., who will travel Oklahoma, Charles Cox, who will travel Ohio, all three of these representatives making their headquarters at the St. Louis office. The State of Texas will be covered as formerly by Egmont Smith, making his headquarters at Dallas. The force will be strengthened by the addition of another representative not yet appointed, who will cover Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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