Never Repress A Generous Impulse

Never Repress A Generous Impulse

LAST night on the train going home, we thought we heard something drop under the seat in front of us. Sort of a light “tinkle.”

  • At first we were going to get down on the floor and retrieve whatever it was the man in the next seat had dropped; but then, not being sure that we had really heard anything, above the noise of the train, and feeling that the man himself would know whether he had dropped anything, we repressed our original helpful hunch and buried our nose again in our newspaper.
  • When we got home, half an hour later, the family out, the house dark and the door locked, we found that our key was gone!
  • A hole in the lining of our pocket explained the tinkle!
  • MORAL: Say it with flowers. Or kind words, or helpful deeds. No generous action ever goes unrewarded!

  • Which suggests the thought—how about a subscription to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING? The 7 1/2 cents a week it costs will pay big dividends in pleasure and practical value, throughout the year.


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