“Never Too Old”

“Never Too Old”

WE are always cheered by the fine lot of appreciative letters we receive from our readers, indicating that FIRE ENGINEERING must be doing a useful job.

  • Here’s one from an Army Air Base, “Somewhere in Florida,” received in time to serve as sort of a holiday greeting to us:

Dear Mr. Shepperd:

Your editorial in October issue should be very convincing to certain Army officials who pay little attention to recommendations of Fire Chiefs who have a grave responsibility in the protection of lives on passenger and mail planes landing on their Air Base.

I want you to know that I do appreciate that editorial, altho a little late in acknowledging same on account of much activity here for the past few weeks.

Your last issue was very interesting from cover to cover—as it always is; no matter how busy I am, your magazine comes first— why?—well, after reading it, I may change my mind or put into effect some idea that was picked up during its reading, for no matter how old we are in this business, we can always learn something new.

Thanking you again for the editorial, I am

Respectfully, L. C. Moore, Fire Chief, Army Air Base

  • Thank you, Chief Moore; and to you and fo every other reader of FIRE ENGINEERING—we send our warmest greetings.

Merry Christmas!

Never Too Old


Never Too Old

Mrs. Helen J. Gardner, a 75-year-old Bridgeport, Conn., woman lost her life on June 22 while attempting to light a cigarette. When firemen under command of Asst. Fire Chief Elmer V. FitzGerald arrived at the Gardner home on West Avenue in response to a box alarm from a nearby corner they found the aged woman, an invalid for many years, in an unconscious condition in a wheel chair.

First aid was rendered by firemen until an ambulance arrived. Her injuries included first, second and third degree burns of the abdomen, face and chest and she died the following day from the effects of the burns. Her daughter, Helen L. Gardner, played the title role in what is believed to be the first six-reel movie, “Cleopatra.”