Neville Island Has Water Softening Plant

Neville Island Has Water Softening Plant

A water softening plant, was completed recently at Neville Island by the Ohio Valley Water Company at a cost of approximately $200,000.

The engineers estimate, after multiplied tests and comparisons, that the soft water furnished by the new plant will save each consumer at least $15 per year, by rendering unnecessary the use of excess soaps and softening powders. The Wayne Tank & Pump Company’s Zeolite Process is used; no chemicals or deleterious substances whatsoever are employed in any part of the system.

It will require about a month before the plant will be able to supply soft water up to its full capacity, so that during this time there may be some traces of the former hard water or possibly some sediment but this will all disappear in a few days and the new water will be soft and its purity attested. This new water plant will add greatly to the comfort and pleasure of the residents of the North Boroughs and it will prove a valuable asset to the community in attracting new people to purchase homes in the district.

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