New A.D.T. Demonstration Studio Opened

New A.D.T. Demonstration Studio Opened

The recently completed Demonstration Studio at the Executive Offices of the American District Telegraph Company (A.D.T. Systems), 155 Sixth Avenue, New York, was shown publicly for the first time at a special preview on Friday, November 17.

The purpose of the studio is to show in a dramatic and easily understandable manner, by practical demonstration, the operation of the company’s various electric protection systems against fire, burglary and holdup. Every effort has been made to demonstrate the equipment in a manner simulating actual operating conditions. At the same time, the studio has been designed to present a pleasing and artistic effect.

One of the most dramatic demonstrations is that of the Aero Automatic Fire Alarm, which automatically detects fire and summons the fire department. The Aero detector tubing is affixed to the ceiling of the room. The system is demonstrated by applying a match to a pan of alcohol on the floor, causing the temperature around the tubing to rise rapidly. In the initial demonstration a time clock on the demonstration panel had ticked off exactly twentyseven seconds when the alarm gong rang showing that the system had operated as the result of the rapid increase in temperature. A thermometer on the panel showed a temperature rise during this period of 43 degrees.

Among the Company’s services demonstrated in the studio are the Aero automatic fire alarm, sprinkler supervisory and waterflow alarm, manual fire alarm, watchman supervision, burglar alarms and holdup alarms for mercantile establishments and hanks, and the Phonctalarm system tor the protection of hank vaults, fur vaults, etc.

Two Views of the A.D.T. Demonstration Studio working models of sprinkler and gravity tank supervision equipment.rotunda of the new demonstration studio.

The room, modern in design, produces a striking effect through the use of lifesize photo-murals portraying various aspects of the company’s services, and dramatic transparencies which explain graphically the “cause and effect” of the operation of the various services. The studio was conceived and planned by Raymond k. Hyde, A.D.T. advertising manager, and designed In Lurelle Guild Associates. The complicated electrical and engineering installations were made under the direction of G. G. Purcell, of the A.D.T. engineering staff.

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