At Hartford,Conn., Chief Eaton tested the new threehorsed aerial truck recently supplied the city’s fire department. The exhibition was directed by C. N. Richardson, New England agent, of the Gleason & Bailey Manufacturing company, of Seneca Falls,N.Y., assisted by George Dougherty, superintendent of the works. The ladder was first raised to the south, and its extension was run out. The point was slowly swung to the north through an angle of ninety degrees and a fireman climbed up the rounds—his weight bringing the tip to a ledge of the building as he neared its end. The fireman then stepped upon the ledge, adjusted the ladder to his satisfaction, and finally descended. For rapidity of operation: At one test under favorable conditions the ladder was raised in twenty-five seconds. On the first occasion a slight delay occurred, and the time was thirty-six seconds; on the second, twenty-nine. As the men become familiarized with operating the machine they will be able to reduce the time by one-third With four men like Chief Eaton Mr. Richardson said it could be done in fifteen seconds. The truck, which is eighty-five feet in length, is fully equipped for city service and has wall and extension ladders. In a few weeks there will be provided a water tower to be attached to it. The fire commissioners and the department are thoroughly satisfied with the new piece of apparatus.

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