New Aircraft Fuels Sought— May Develop New Hazards

New Aircraft Fuels Sought— May Develop New Hazards

The National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics has been conducting research for some time on new fuels for aircraft. Some rare fuels have already been produced in the laboratories but are unavailable commercially.

The objective is to obtain new liquid fuels for airplanes and guided missiles which will occupy much less space for a given energy output than any existing fuel. If successful on a large scale this would free the nation’s defense forces from a complete dependence on petroleum and the possession of petroleum reserves.

In addition, the new fuels would serve to increase the range and speed of aircraft which are limited at present by the power available from the present fuel load. Aeronautical engineers have become increasingly aware of the need for new fuels if the future aircraft are to have the very long range required for modem and future flight.

The N.A.C.A. has stated that in addition to being more powerful and using smaller space for storage than conventional fuels, all new fuels must have desirable handling properties.

Fire service officials are keeping an eye peeled for possible new and severe fire and explosion hazards which may be a concomitant of the sought-for more powerful propellents.

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