New Ambulances and Rescue Trucks

New Ambulances and Rescue Trucks

Modulance, manufactured by Modular Ambulance Corporation, is an ambulance unit which can be mounted on the chassis of any standard pickup. The unit, with 60-inch headroom, will carry four patients.

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The Wayne Vanguard 60 introduces a full 60-inch headroom plus a side-opening sliding door on a Chevrolet chassis. The patients' compartment offers 213 cubic feet, plus an optional 38-cubic-foot storage wall.

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The State of Wisconsin has recently received a Rescu-All from Automotive Conversion Corp. for training purposes. Built on a Dodge Tradesman chassis, it has a headroom of 53 inches and a built-in oxygen system.

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This Challenger Tribune ambulance is built on the Chevrolet Suburban. It has a wheel base of 151 inches and 126 inches floor length in the patient area. It can be had in either the standard 54 inches headroom or 60 inches.

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The Champion from Springfield Equipment Company is a conversion of an International Travelall wagon fitted to a 149-inch wheelbase chassis. It has 55-inch headroom.

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The Chenango Bridge, N.Y., Fire Company recently purchased a squad and rescue truck from Lyncoach & Truck Co. The allaluminum body has a 72-inch headroom.

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The S&S Medic Mark I ambulance from Hess & Eisenhardt features aviation-type monotized construction. Air conditioning and built-in oxygen systems are optional equipment.

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Four-patient capacity is designed into the Cotner-Bevington ambulance built on an Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight C-B Super Chassis with 54-inch headroom.

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Door openings 49 inches wide and 53-inch headroom are features of this Superior Coach Corporation ambulance modification of a Ford van. The interior width is 62½ inches at the side door.

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Semi-enclosed body is a feature of this heavy-duty rescue truck built for Flint, Mich., Fire Department by Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. Built on a Chevrolet tilt-cab chassis, it features compartments along the full length of the sides.

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The Guardian, made by Springfield Equipment Company on an International Harvester Travelall wagon, is designed as an ambulance, a heartmobile, or a light-duty rescue unit. The patient compartment is 77 x 138 inches with 60-inch headroom.

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The 54+ model of the Superior Coach Corporation offers more than 54-inch headroom on a Cadillac chassis. Among the options offered is a CPR package consisting of facilities for cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

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Heavy-duty rescue vehicle for the Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad was built by the Swab Wagon Company, Inc., with a Kenworth cab. The semi-enclosed body has full exterior compartmentation.

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Emergency care unit of the Miami Beach Fire Department was built by Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. It is equipped to care for heart victims and has exterior compartments for rescue tools.

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The Gerstenslager Company is producing a standard, low-cost boxtype body, emergency vehicle. It has 60-inch headroom and five exterior compartments.

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Miller-Meteor Lifeliner ambulance has extra-large doors extending into the 54-inch headroom and a spacious patients' compartment on a Cadillac chassis.

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