New Ameriean-LaFranee Service Station

New Ameriean-LaFranee Service Station

A new and complete service station has been opened by the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company, Elmira, N. Y., at Long Island City, close to the Queensboro Bridge connecting with Manhattan Borough, New York City. Originally two buildings were planned, one to be 60 ft. x 200 ft., the other to measure 85 ft. x 200 ft., but even this floor space was quickly found to be insufficient and a third building was added, measuring also 85 ft. x 200 ft., increasing the total floor space to 49,000 square feet.

New Ameriean-LaFranee Service Station at Long Island City, N. Y.

One of the features of this service station is a stock room which contains a line of parts for both fire engines and commercial trucks.

In addition to the fire engine department and service station, space is occupied by the sundry sales department and the commercial truck sales department. The mezzanine floor is taken up by modern, well lighted offices, affording room for the clerical help as well as various executive offices.

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