New apparatus introductions and deliveries


New apparatus introductions and deliveries

Niantic, Conn., Fire Department has acquired this forest fire and rescue unit built by Reading Body Works, Inc., Reading, Pa., on a Dodge Power Wagon chassis. It employs unitized welded-steel construction with reinforcement at critical stress points for rugged terrain usageP. E. Van Pelt Co., Oakdale, Calif., recently delivered this 1,250-gpm pumper to Palo Alto Fire Department. Built on a four-wheel-drive Oshkosh chassis with a Hall-Scott 1091 engine, it is equipped with a 200-gpm auxiliary pump and air brakes, and should climb a 45 per cent grade at more than 5 mphBaltimore recently placed this 85-foot Snorkel in service as Water Tower 1. Built by Mobile Aerial Towers, Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind., it is mounted on an International Harvester Co. chassis powered by a 230-hp, V-8 engine

Baltimore F. D. photo

LaFrance Fire Engine and Foamite Limited, Toronto, Canada, recently demonstrated its new telescopic hydraulic boom aerial lift to Ontario fire chiefs. Said to be available in extension heights up to 100 feet, 3-inch steel tubing conducts water from pump to a deck gun on aluminum platform

Photo by Richard Mathews

Chief Leonard Dreier, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Fire Department points out contrast between original Hydrant Hose Company cart and new Ward LaFrance pumper recently placed in service. The semi-cab-forward Ward is rated at 1,000 gpm and powered by a 285-hp Waukesha engine

Photo by Bert Olson

Peter Pirsch & Sons Co., Kenosha, Wis., recently completed this intermediate aerial truck for the Fort Worth, Tex., Fire Department. The semi-cab-forward style features Pirsch aluminum alloy, lattice, solid T rail construction

and deliveries

The Saanich, B. C., Fire Department recently added this Centurion five-man cab pumper on FWD chassis to its roster. Powered by a 285-hp Waukesha engine, it mounts an American Marsh 850 igpm pump

—Victoria Times photo by Irving Strickland

Lancashire County, U. K., Fire Brigade recently received delivery of this 100-foot Merryweather hydraulic turntable ladder, the first of four on order. Mounted on a Bedford chassis, it includes a transistorized telephone system for intercommunication between turntable operator and laddermanNew Orleans, La., Fire Department recently received these 85-foot American LaFrance aerial trucks. All carry 235 feet of ground ladders and are fitted with 200-gpm pumps and 250-gallon booster tanks

—N. O. F. D. photo by T. J. Picone, Jr.

Well-equipped Rescue Squad 1, now in service with the Berkely, Calif., Fire Department, was built to specifications on a tiltcab chassis. It features syncro-mesh transmission, Westinghouse air brakes and automatic Berg emergency brake. It is powered by a 215-hp engineRogue River Rural Fire Protection District, Ore., recently received this new unit built by Coast Apparatus, Inc., on a GMC chassis. Powered by a GMC 165-hp, V-6 engine, it mounts a Waterous P.T.O. 2-stage pump which is rated at 350 gpm at 120 psi or 70 gpm at 600 psi and an 800-gallon booster tankThe Portland, Ore., Fire Department recently took delivery of three more Seagrave, cab-forward, 750-gpm pumpers powered by Hall-Scott engines. The engines are equipped with P.T.O. booster pumps, and they also feature no-spin differentials, electric sunders and Bendix power steering