New Army Signal Corps’ Handie-Talkie

New Army Signal Corps’ Handie-Talkie

The Army Signal Corps has started production of a new handie-talkie radio, first units of which will go to the Korea area, it is announced. The new product will replace the old SCR-536, the handietalkie of World War II fame.

It is claimed the new unit is the first of its type yet produced. It weighs about 6 1/2 gives greatly improved permile, and gives greatly improved performance. It can be slung over the shoulder like a miniature walkie-talkie with the soldier speaking into an attached handset. It also has the advantage of netting with a number of other new frontline radio sets, which the old handie talkie would not do.

While designed primarily to furnish platoon-to-company radio communication, the new set can also contact more powerful radios of the company and battalion, thus extending integrated radio communication to the entire front line.

Although perhaps not providing as many desirable features for fire service communications as the pack set, or walkie-talkie, this latest instrument may find a place ultimately in fire control.

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