New Baltimore Buff’s Club

New Baltimore Buff’s Club

On January 10, 1949, a new organization of firebuffs was formed in the City of Baltimore, Md., known as the Box S.H.C. Fire Association Club, Inc. Its members are all colored.

The Club, which has for its objectives the instruction of the colored race in fire prevention and assistance to the Baltimore Fire Department, was formed by three former auxiliary firemen of that city now charter members: James N. Smith, Commissioner, Arthur P. Hardy. Treas. and Deputy Chief, and Elhert C. Carter, Captain.

The Club meets periodically at its club rooms, 1813 McCulloch Street, Baltimore 17, Md., where the members are appraised of all fire alarms by short wave radio. Members of the organization are available for demonstrations and lectures on fire prevention at schools, churches and before other groups.

Baltimore’s mayor, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., recently commended the Club for its interest in reducing the fire waste. He is an honorary member of the group. The March 6th social meeting of the Club was addressed by Frank J. Bauer, President of the Board of Fire Commissioners.

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