New Britain Fire Fighters Raise Funds for Research

New Britain Fire Fighters Raise Funds for Research

Man’s fight against lukemia was enriched by $6,000 on Dec. 5, because firemen in New Britain, Conn., have never forgotten a four-year-old boy killed by the disease.

Three years ago the firemen began to raise money in an effort to cheer little Tommy Mozdsierz, of New Britain, during the waning days of his life. But Tommy died soon after the fund drive began. Nevertheless, the firemen continued to raise money for the “Tommy Fund” to support research on lukemia, a cancer of the blood.

Inspired by the memory of Tommy, the New Britain firemen organized fire fighters in other cities in Connecticut as fund-raisers. News of the “Tommy Fund” spread. Soon contributions were coming in from individuals and organizations throughout the nation.

In December, 1953, eleven months after Tommy died, the firemen presented $8,000 to the Yale School of Medicine for lukemia research. But the drive never stopped. On Dec. 5, last, a new grant was made to Yale.

The latest gift, like the first, was turned over to Dr. Milton J. E. Senn, and Dr. David H. Clement, both specialists in the field of lukemia research and treatment.

New Britain firemen, meanwhile, say the “Tommy Fund” will continue until it becomes unnecessary.

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