New Britain Honors Old Timers

New Britain Honors Old Timers

Members of the fire department in New Britain, Conn., who have been in the service twenty-five years or more, were honored at a testimonial dinner at the Burritt Hotel. Chairman Cornelius J. Dehm of the board was toastmaster, and the other members of the board were also present.

The fire veterans who were thus honored were Chief William J. Noble, Deputy Chiefs Eugene F. Barnes and Michael Souney, Electrical Superintendent George Cooley, Captains Victor Davis, William Porter, James Crowe, Lieut. Thomas L. Hinchey and Firemen Edward Parker, William Frey, William Kelly and Richard Forsythe. The men were presented with service bars that they will wear on their uniforms.

George Cooley, affectionately called the father of the city’s fire alarm system, has been in the service for fifty years.

Chief Noble told the history of the fire department and the changes that have taken place during the past twenty-five years. The firemen expressed their gratitude to the fire commissioners for the testimonial dinner arranged to honor the old timers. Mr. Cooley praised Chief Noble as “a man, a fighter and a gentleman.”

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