New Centrifugal Pump for the Ford Motor

New Centrifugal Pump for the Ford Motor

Apparatus Built on Ford Chassis with New Centrifugal Pump Attached to Front End.Close-up of Pump Showing Simplicity of Attachment

A new centrifugal pump has been designed and built especially for use on the Ford motor by the Peter Pirsch & Sons Company. It is, as will be seen by the illustration herewith, attached to the front end of the apparatus and therefore does not interfere with the balance of the equipment.

Only four bolts are required to attach the motor to the chassis, and the pump may be attached by any mechanic to fire apparatus on a Ford chassis. On a one-ton Pirsch apparatus a combination chemical and hose equipment is supplied, including a forty-gallon water tank, with booster arrangement for priming. On the touring car chassis a booster priming tank is furnished with hose body having 500 feet of 2j4-inch hose capacity, 100 feet of chemical hose, a short extension ladder and other equipment.

Fire Alarm System Installed—Three new fire alarm boxes have been installed in Norwich, N. Y.

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