Attention is called to the advertisement of the Globe Fire Apparatus company, a new organisation, well financed and ably managed, enjoying the prestige of owning types and styles of apparatus that have been for years familiar to the public. The Globe company enters the field of competition with other manufacturers of apparatus under the most auspicious circumstances: every department of the work being under the immediate care of experienced apparatus builders and the supervision of the works having at its head Mr. Alexander Morton, a man thoroughly competent and experienced.

Mr. Jos. D. Beble. the president of the company. is a man of international reputation in business circles, being connected with many of the largest corporations at home and abroad.

The “Globe” takes over the plant and assets of the Rex Manufacturing company and will continue to manufacture under the new name of “Globe” the same line of fire apparatus that established so favorable a reputation the world over under the former name. The company states that it will market its product direct, instead of through sales-agents as formerly : by doing so, it will give more prompt deliveries, better prices, better service and better satisfaction to its customers. Th«company is prepared to furnish anything in the fire apparatus line short of an aerial truck or steamer, and in its combination and hose wagon work it makes a specialty of all-steel construction. Tt also solicits the patronage of wagon builders or departments who desire to install their own chemical equipment.

The Globe company has secured the services of Mr. D. W. Diggs, recently of the Marten-Diggs Fire Extinguisher comnanv. of Newark, N. T., and will manufacture the types of extinguishers and chemical engines heretofore made by him. but using a new device for sealing the acid bottle and releasing it— a recent invention of Mr. Di^gs. This device has received the most unqualified approval of practical men to whom it has been demonstrated. The new device will be used in both evngntshers and engine-tanks.

The Globe company is out for business, and it would be well for those interested in any form of chemical equipment or fire apparatus to secure its prices.

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