New Chicopee Station Has Unique Features

New Chicopee Station Has Unique Features

Chicopee, Mass., has recently opened a new fire house in the Aldenville district of that city. The station is located advantageously and very attractive in design. This building is in keeping with its residential surroundings and was built at a cost of $30,000. Economy was necessary. Several modern stations were visited and were closely examined. Chiefs in those cities gave their ideas as to how certain details might be improved. These suggestions wa re considered before proceeding with the plans.

The building, as finally constructed, has been praised by many visiting chiefs and firemen. It houses two pieces of apparatus on the main floor and has individual sleeping rooms on the second floor with a large and attractive lounge room.

Only enough cellar room lias been provided to care for the boiler room and coal hunker. The first story walls are of a dark glazed brick and the floor is of concrete with a Master Builder’s hardener and a carborundum rubbed finish.

New hire House in Chicopee. Mass.

Hose racks are located on one wall, and this method is proving most satisfactory.

A kitchen on the second floor enables the men to prepare light luncheons on their long day on duty. This city is on the two platoon system.

The toilet has a terrazzo floor, vitreous china lavatories, marble shower stalls and metal toilet partitions. The exterior of the station is of a Pennsylvania vertical scored tapestry brick laid in black mortar, with cast stone trimmings.

The entire building, including plumbing, steam heating, electrical work, fire alarm apparatus, furniture, grading, walks, approaches, and architect fees, was built for less than twenty thousand dollars.

The cubic foot cost of the general construction, including heating, plumbing and electrical work, was twenty-four cents.

Chief Arthur Montmcny, of Chicopee, is receiving congratulations on the fine appearance of the building.

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