New Chief at East Liverpool

New Chief at East Liverpool

An East Liverpool, O., paper says: “Arthur S. Aungst, late chief of the Alliance, O., fire department, and deemed one of the most efficient fire fighters in the state, was sworn in as the head of the local fire department by Mayor R. J. Marshall at city hall at 10:25 o’clock this morning, the move following in the wake of his qualification late yesterday afternoon as a fireman. Bond in the sum of $1,000 was posted by the new’ chief to guarantee the faithful performance of his duty. Witnessing the formal ceremony were Safety Director Joseph S. Wilson, Solicitor Ben L. Bennett, Chief of Police John W. Wyman, Mayor’s Clerk F. McFarland, newspaper representatives and others. Immediately thereafter Chief Aungst commenced his regime in East Liverpool. After congratulations had been extended. Chief Aungst said:

“ ’With the assistance of the mayor, safety director and others, 1 will endeavor to make the East Liverpool fire department second to none in the country. At any time that you consider me not capable of fulfilling the duties, I am willing to step down and out.’

“Favoring the newspapers with an interview. Chief Aungst declared: .My first aim as chief of the fire department will be to drill the firemen to a standard of efficiency. I will systematize everything. Hereafter all officers will be held responsible for their respective companies. The men will be drilled so as to familiarize themselves with every piece of apparatus handled, while a school of instruction will be inaugurated. I will explain to the men what is expected of them in the line of duty. One hour each day will be given to the school of instruction, which will be under the direction of the assistant chief and captains. In this department the firemen will become familiar with the location of fire and police alarm boxes and buildings. At 6 o’clock a. m., 12 o’clock noon and 6 o’clock p. m. daily the fire bell will be hit two blows for time and to test the line, while at 7 o’clock p. m. the alarm will be struck seven blows for drill, when all companies will hitch up, just as if they were answering a fire call. One hour a day will be devoted to drills, while practise runs will be made at frequent intervals. I will inaugurate the drills next week. Any one desirous of watching drills is welcome to attend. I will immediately make a test of all hose, apparatus and water plugs, etc,’

“Chief Aungst succeeds deposed Chief James McCullough, who was reduced to the ranks. Since the retirement of McCullough as the head of the department. Assistant Chief Thomas Bryan has capably fulfilled the duties. The latter will now assume his previous position. The department here will he governed by a new code of rules which embody the regulations of the Alliance department with a few modifications. Members of the fire department and citizens of Alliance upon the retirement of Chief Aungst presented him with a handsome gold watch and chain and a diamond stud. Inside the watch tne following was engraved: Presented to Fire Chief Arthur S. Aungst, by the firemen and citizens of Alliance, O., for faithful services rendered. May 7, 1912.’ Complimentary to thr retiring official, the Alliance newspapers las. night paid him a glowing tribute, wishing him success in East Liverpool. One of the journals honored him with an editorial.”

Memorial services were held recently by the Mt. Oliver (Pa.) Hook and Ladder Company, volunteer firemen, for the 46 members of the department who have died since the organization of the company. The meeting, which was largely attended, was presided over by William D. Alcorn, chief of the department, and was addressed by G. A. Shcnkle. for 25 years a member of the company. Fire Chief Miles S. Humphreys, of Pittsburgh, was to have delivered an address, but was unable to be present because of injuries received in an accident a few days previous.

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