New Chief of Montreal, Can.

New Chief of Montreal, Can.

Raoul Gauthier was appointed head of the Montreal, Que., Canada, fire department early in July to succeed Chief Chevalier, retired. Chief Gauthier became a fireman on December 22, 1903. The first promotion he received was on July 18, 1911. when he was made a lieutenant and was sent to No. 5 station. Less than a year later, on April 11, 1912, he was promoted to rank of captain and took command of No. 6 station. Later on he was transferred to No. 4 station, which at that lime was the show station of Montreal. He was appointed district chief for the western division of the central district on May 26, 1921, which made him when selected as chief the youngest in point of service of all district chiefs of the department.

Chief R. Gauthier Montreal, Que.

Chief Gauthier was one of those who received a medal for work done at the Herald fire in 1910, when thirty-two lives were lost. He saved the lives of five persons at a fire at the corner of McGill and Notre Dame Streets some years ago. He has been injured several times and on one occasion sustained a cut on the head that required fourteen stitches to close. Chief Gauthier was born forty-two years ago in that section of Montreal known as Griffintown, and as a consequence is equally fluent in French and English.

Chief Gauthier, it is said, is a real fire-fighter and measures up to the standard of the best known chiefs who have been his predecessors in the Montreal department. He is a fireman because he likes the work and has always been, except for a short time following the annexation of Ste. Cunegonde to Montreal, stationed in the center of the city. He was sent to the former place for a few weeks to train the firemen of the old municipality in modern methods of fire-fighting. He has had a hand in battling all the big outbreaks that have occurred in Montreal during the past twenty years.

Chief Gauthier likes the life of a fireman so well that he married into the brigade, his wife being the daughter of Ex-District Chief Briere.

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