New Chief of San Antonio, Tex.

New Chief of San Antonio, Tex.

Chief J. G. Sarran, who succeeded Chief A. J. Goetz as acting head of the fire department of San Antonio, Tex., on April 24, was permanently appointed to that position on June 1. Chief Sarran joined the department in 1913 at the age of 21 years. After many successive promotions, he was on October 1, 1918 named second assistant chief and drill master of the department in which capacity he remained until appointed as chief. The present high efficiency of the San Antonio fire department, which was brought about during the time that Chief Goetz held office, was accomplished under the direct supervision of Chief Sarran in the capacity of department drill master. Referring to his policy as head of the department, Chief Sarran said:

Chief J. G. Sarran, San Antonio, Tex.

“There will be no change in the conduct of the affairs of the department. The policies put into effect by the previous chiefs will be carried out, the efficiency of the force maintained, and bettered where possible. Hard work and meritorious service will be recognized in the matter of promotions.”

Chief Sarran’s successor as second assistant chief is third assistant Chief J. E. Dwyer, who has been in charge of inspection and fire prevention work tor several years in the department.

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