New Combination Pumper and Booster Tank

New Combination Pumper and Booster Tank

A standard type of hose body provided with a 250-gallon water tank and a high pressure rotary pump is being marketed by the Luverne Fire Apparatus Company, Luverne, Minn., under the trade name of the New Deal equipment. The pump is mounted on the rear platform where it is completely accessible. It is driven by a shaft carried on roller bearings attached to the bottom of the body, and which connects to the power take-off on the transmission of the truck by a double universal propeller shaft.

A pipe line is provided with suitable valves and a 2 1/2-inch suction connection for use in taking water from hydrants through fire hose, or for drafting from cisterns or reservoirs.

The outfit is furnished for any make of truck chassis that has provision for “power take” on the transmission.


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