New Cross Tractor at Niagara Falls

New Cross Tractor at Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls (N. Y.) “Journal,” in a recent issue said, in part: “The new $4,000 front-drive tractor recently purchased by the city of Niagara Falls from the C. J. Cross Front-Drive Tractor Company of New York City, was attached to the 75-foot horsedrawn aerial truck at Fire Headquarters and given its official test on Friday the 6th. The tractor arived in Niagara Falls, was attached to the truck and given its preliminary tryout on Thursday the 5th, and its official test next day. Less than three days’ actual labor was consumed in removing the old front wheels and attaching the new motor tractor, making a complete motor-driven unit. The tractor is a powerful two-wheel motor unit which, when attached to the aerial truck, gives the whole apparatus a harmonious appearance. The speed test was held on the River Road, and the tractor developed nearly 25 miles per hour even up a slight grade. The tractor also easily went up the Ontario Street hill, which is very severe and which has been impossible for horses to negotiate with the truck before. The delivery of the tractor was in charge of C. J. Cross and Joseph Burgitey, the latter being one of the company’s delivering engineers. Chief Utz is highly pleased with the apparatus. The tractor was accepted and placed in service immediately. Its high efficiency and economical value to the Department encourages ns to hope that the Fire Department will add more of such excellent apparatus in the near future.



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